Montagnard american organization

Youth branch of Montagnard Dega Association


TO OUR COMMUNITY MEMBERS It is important for us to have you involved in any way you can because we cannot grow without your help. Consider becoming a Board Member, serving on a Committee or as a Volunteer, or making a small donation to the organization. BECOME A MEMBER.


The Montagnard American Organization (MAO) is the youth branch of MDA. It is inclusive, not divided by tribe, ethnicity, language, church affiliation, school or college enrollment, or politics. MAO has no age restrictions, but we do concentrate on the development of next generation community involvement and leadership.

We promote the cultural preservation of the Montagnard American community. We develop activities to support togetherness like traditional dance and music classes, language classes, workshops, festivals, cultural presentations and other events.

We encourage

  • Life success

  • Job and career planning

  • Training and education

  • Community involvement

  • Promotion of positive traditions and preserving good values.

  • Life skills success

  • College application assistance

  • College financial aid application assistance

Become a member of MAO. Contact us for more information. Whether you're interested in college, attending now, already on the job or starting a career, we want you to be involved!

ESPECIALLY FOR NEW ARRIVALS ESOL (English), Citizenship, Cut & Sew job training

HERITAGE History, Montagnard language classes for children, dance, music, weaving and food traditions

YOUTH DEVELOPMENT + LIFE SKILLS PROGRAM College, job, cultural, identity and leadership skills.

COMMUNITY AND COLLEGE RESEARCH Special learning opportunities



Contact us for artists and performers to help you with your plan your special event.


Know your history!

Improve your historical and cultural knowledge through these resource links.


MAO encourages life success — whether through employment after high school or through college.

College? We want to strengthen the higher education opportunities for Montagnard youth through educational mentoring, service learning, community engagement activities, college presentations, technical assistance in applications, scholarship opportunities, and follow-up counseling support for college students.

Not college? There's a lot you need to know, like getting a good start on the job, planning a career, saving, renting or buying a home, understanding insurance, bills, how to pay for stuff — all important life skills you want to master.

Make career progress! Are you looking for your next career move? Don’t know which job to look for next? As next-generation community members, we encourage meeting, sharing, and supporting one another. Get to know others, network, get ideas, share ideas!



Partner with us!

We welcome the involvement of your organization or business and your support of MAO's culture and youth programming. Please contact us about ways we can work together.