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December 2, 2023: NC Count Coalition Award

November 19, 2023: The Past Is Present: Generations of Immigrant/Refugee Stories & Legacies

A youth program will take place in the auditorium with dance performances, an introduction to Gate City Arrivals immigration history, screening of the original short film “My Mother’s Hands,” a panel discussion with immigrant and refugee family youth, and the MDA Young Scholars Award presentation.

June 20, 2023: USCIS Outstanding American by Choice Award, Liana Adrong, MSW, LCSW-A, Executive Director received June 20, 2023

The Outstanding Americans by Choice initiative recognizes the outstanding achievements of naturalized U.S. citizens. Through civic participation, professional achievement, and responsible citizenship, recipients of this honor have demonstrated their commitment to this country and to the common civic values that unite us as Americans. USCIS will recognize naturalized citizens who have made significant contributions to both their community and their adopted country on a case-by-case basis.

June 10, 2023: First MDA Annual Youth Partners Conference

We Need to Get Together! Working to Unite, Educate and Embrace Our Cultural Diversity

Making life and career decisions can be tough for refugee and immigrant youth. Everyone loves to have lots of choices, but how do you choose? Are you of high school age? College age? In school? Not in school? Starting your career? Are you a parent/guardian? You will find this conference a friendly place to learn life and career skills and network with others. This event will be FREE. We are excited to announce that our Frist Annual Community Partners Conference registration is now live! MDA Annual Community Conference gives us the chance to embrace the works we have done together these past couple years, celebrate, and share/embrace our cultures.

When: June 10, 2023 9:30am-2:30pm Location: UNC Greensboro School of Education Building 1300 Spring Garden St. Greensboro. Keynote speaker- Jodie Stanley, Greensboro's International Support Coordinator. Click here to attend the conference (registration)

To volunteer at the conference, click here (registration)

Click here for Conference Schedule and Bio of the panelists

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Understanding Higher Education Pathways

One answer does not workd for all, so let's start a difficult discussion

youth unity group

Overcoming Community Challenges and  becoming a successfull, self-made person

buy or rent?

Living, dreaming, and financial decision young people didn't learn in school

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Living and surviving as a creative professional 

we are the seeds

Growing healthy bodies and brilliant minds


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A short film by Sachi

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