Montagnard Hypertension Project (2012 – PRESENT)


Team: Morrison, S., Shreeniwas, S., Young, A., Dharod, J., Nie, Y., Siu, H., Adrong, H., Sayers, J., Bernot, K., Malotky, M., Nsonwu, M., et al

Title: Montagnard Hypertension Research Project (2012 – present)

Brief: Montagnard general perceptions about health and healthcare, their understanding of chronic diseases (hypertension and diabetes) and associated health risks, the relationship between chronic disease outcomes, health and selected acculturation factors. Also, the experiences of Montagnard doctors trained in Vietnam, their experiences with US health and healthcare, exploration of  a primary model for competency development for Montagnard health professionals.

The Montagnard Hypertension Research Project trained students in Human Subjects Protection, literature searches, and use of appropriate technology in data collection and analysis. They participated in weekly research meetings in order to expose and socialize students to all aspects of the research process: community engagement, cross cultural exposure, multi-disciplinary approaches, basic qualitative and statistical research methods concepts, questionnaire design, IRB training, practical experience with interviews, data analysis, and dissemination. They gathered behavioral data and biological samples from more than 130 individuals while presenting results in co-authored reports and to academic and community audiences, while winning awards at regional conferences. More than 300 families received health screenings and other health and social services information and assistance at community fairs. 

Community investment and desired outcomes: