Research NETWORK


2024 Research Symposium

June 7, 2024: UNC Greensboro School of Education Building, 1300 Spring Garden St. Greensboro, NC

The Montagnard / Asian Community Disparities Research Network will hold its second Symposium on June 7, 2024, where we will present research, works in progress, and discussions about new directions. 

Symposium Program -- in a nutshell...

9-10   Registration, meet and greet, etc

10   Welcome, Kickoff Panel

11   Conversation: How We Respond: Southeast Asian Resettlement in NC

12   Lunch and Learn

1 Low-Income Asian American Communities of Refugee Origin: Health and population profiles

2    From Anecdata to History: Locating individual stories within a larger historical framework

3    Communities Speak: Research we can use

4    Opportunities Session: Projects in development, invitations to join

5    Happy Hour informal gathering

Who We Are: The Montagnard / Asian Community Disparities Research Network

We are a network of scholars, professionals, advocates, and community members dedicated to scholarship and community building. 

FOUNDED IN 2012, the Montagnard / Asian Community Disparities Research Network has a long history of working with the Montagnard community and other unique groups within our region, including other refugee and immigrant populations. 

Formerly housed at the University of North Carolina Greensboro's Center for New North Carolinians (2012-18), we are now hosted by the Montagnard Dega Association. 

We work in close partnership with MDA's Community Advisory Committee (CAC) to promote best community practices for research, scholarship, service learning, and community engagement projects. These relationships declare our belief in scholarship that responds to community needs. More information here.