Refugees Support Services (RSS), Civic Engagement, Health/Social Services Access, Covid Response/Vaccines Outreach, Employment, Industrial Sewing Training, Montagnard Traditional Arts  


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Refugees and asylees are eligible to become clients and then receive services. It is the policy of MDA to offer services to any and all Southeast Asian refugees. To become a client, an individual is required to  

Acceptable documentation includes an I-94 card, green card or asylum approval letter. 

The Client’s Rights Form verifies that the client understands their rights when requesting and accepting social services provided by MDA. 

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State Refugees Support Service (rSS) 

These are free services we provide to eligible clients through our contract with the State of North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NC DHHS), Refugee Services Office. These include

We offer a variety of classes

Our goal is to assist our clients to achieve self-sufficiency, self reliance, adjustment to life in the USA, and to become productive members in their neighborhoods and communities, and ultimately, to become American citizens.


Civic Engagement

health/Social Services Access 

Covid Response/Vaccine outreach 

Montagnard Traditional Arts Progam


These are services we provide to community members and families and to partner agencies, organizations and offices. Some are fee-based.  (See  Classes and Workshop offerings for related offerings.)



Working with our partners we do our best to assist Southeast Asian community members and others who are ineligible for State Services. These include access to municipal and county services, health and legal navigation, voter information and registration, tax and consumer info,  house and car purchase, health insurance, Orange Card, Medicaid, house safety, women’s health, and other vital needs.

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For employers, nonprofits, schools, higher education and government, MDA assistance includes

*Contact us about medical and legal interpretation


We can help you make sure workers are informed and ready to work. Typical assistance includes translation and interpretation for workers to fill out forms, safety training, and work-related English customized to your environment.

Nonprofits and government    

Our expertise can help your organization reach its goals. We are always ready to form mutually beneficial partnerships or assist in joint grants.

Public schools and higher education     

Education is key to individual and community success. We can help schools, colleges and universities reach families and the community to improve learner outcomes among our youth.

Scholars, educators, journalists and researchers  Through our Community Advisory Council we partner with scholars and research institutions to close the knowledge gap about Montagnard and Southeast Asian communities in our area. 


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