Refugees Support Services (RSS), Civic Engagement, Health/Social Services Access, Covid Response/Vaccines Outreach, Employment, Industrial Sewing Training, Montagnard Traditional Arts  


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1.NCDHHS Refugees Support Service (RSS)/afghanistant Supplemental appropriations

Our staff came from refugee refugee backgrounds, and we understand the challenges and struggles new arrivals go through. Our goal is to assist our clients to achieve self-sufficiency, self reliance, teach them how to navigate the health/social service system, adjustment to life in the USA, and to become productive members in their neighborhoods and communities, and ultimately, to become American citizens.

To Become a client: Refugees, Asylees, Certain Cuban and Haitian entrants and Parolees, Certain Amerasians (from Vietnam), and Victims of Human Trafficking are eligible to become RSS clients and then receive FREE services. It is the policy of MDA and NCDHHS contract compliances to offer services to any and all Southeast Asian Refugees.

To become a client, an individual is required to  

These are free services we provide to eligible clients through our contract with the State of NC Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS), Refugee Services Office. These include: Case management, Outreach Services, Employability Assessment, Pre-Employment, Job Development, Employment Follow-Up, Client Transportation, Initial Employment, Current Job Placement, Vocational Skills Training and Vocational Education- Industrial Sewing, Automobile Drivers' Training, Information & Referral, Day Care/Child Care (Temporary Voucher), Translation/Interpretation, On-The-Job Training, Resume writing, interview skills, and job development

Afghanistant supplemental appropriations (ASA)

The purpose of the RSS-ASA program is to provide employment services along with holistic supportive social services such as Case Management, Day Care/Child Care Services, English Language Instruction, Citizenship and Immigration Services, Interpretation and Translation Services, and other RSS services to ORR-eligible populations to achieve economic self-sufficiency and longer-term integration.  


Core Employment Services include Pre-Employment, Job Development, Job Placement- Initial and Current and Employment Follow-Up.

Subject to fund availability, additional Services which may be provided include: Vocational Skills Training and Assessment, Vocational Education, On-the Job Training, Skills Recertification, Automobile Driver’s Training, English Language Instruction, Transportation, Interpretation and Translation, Information and Referral and Emergency Services and Immigration Assistance for refugee adults so that they may attain stability, self-sufficiency and integration as soon as possible after arrival in the United States. Refer to Services, Codes and Description which is attached.

A full list of services along with other RSS policies and procedures may be found in the NC DHHS/DSS Refugee Assistance Manual. 

2. Montagnard Traditional Arts Programs

and/or our cultural vibrancy program is a way to invite outsiders into our worlds in deep and meaningful ways. MDA seeks to strengthen and consolidate our next-generation cultural arts programming, to broaden public knowledge about ways of living and seeing the world from the perspectives of new communities like ours who have made Greensboro an international city and who call it our home, and to use our decades of experience to assist other low income, more recently arrived refugee communities to build and organize their own arts and culture projects and programs. 

Montagnard Traditional arts programs



Why volunteer? Volunteering can provide a healthy boost to your self-confidence, self-esteem, and life satisfaction. You are doing good for others and your community, which provides a natural sense of accomplishment and earn community services hours for school. Your role as a volunteer can also give you a sense of pride, identity, and a chance to network with others in your community. Your time and skill is valuable, can use your skill as a way to give back. Based on your availability, we provide professional and life skills training opportunity. We are excited and looked forward to connecting with you.  

4.Civic Engagement/Community- based citizenship

 Civic Engagement/Community- based citizenship

5. Healthier Together-Covid Response/Vaccine outreach

Covid Response/Vaccine outreach

6. health/Social Services Access 

By addressing personal issues like burn out, low to no pay, glass ceiling, family and work balance, intergenerational conflict, and gender bias we will speak directly to the realities that insiders encounter. MDA will conduct group reflections, role playing exercises, SWOT analysis and discussions about professional standards versus community values and offer opportunities for board training, medical interpretation training and other professional skills development. By addressing structural issues that separate professionalism from equitable health access and practice, MDA, with its long history of interactions with state and local actors, will build a sustainable community-centered network. MDA will connect partners to allies like Legal Aid.

6. health/Social Services Access