BIG NEED: CONSIDER SUPPORTING US. As one of oldest nonprofits run by a refugee community in the North Carolina's Central Piedmont, we have a long history of successful partnerships with many individuals and organizations. We are in need a building where we can have all of our programs in one location, build a community center, and a place where our community can help one another. Your gift is tax credit. Please contact our director, Liana at or 336-541-2447. 

Your membership support directly helps us deliver community services to individuals and families not covered by the State and it supports cultural programming and youth development. 

Individual Adult Membership suggested fees*

Individual Youth or Elders’ Membership suggested fees*

Family Membership suggested fees*

*We will not deny anyone membership if they can’t pay, but we ask that all members pay some amount they can afford.


Gift Memberships 

Help those who can't afford it to become members, attend events, come to classes and workshops or receive services not covered by the State. 


Friends of MDA 

Become a Friend of MDA. It's a way to stay informed about what's going on. You'll receive email notices and invitations as well as free admission to the Annual Fundraiser. Friends of MDA are advocates or well-wishers who want to see the community succeed.



Donations of a general kind are tax-deductible. Gift cards to supermarkets allow families to purchase fresh produce. Kitchen and bathroom supplies, personal hygiene and cleaning supplies, school supplies and good books are appreciated. We cannot accept furniture, used clothes or canned foods because of space limitations.

Volunteering your experience, time and professional skills are much appreciated. For volunteering information, as well as other engagement opportunities, please see our section on Engagement.

Montagnard youth at the State of North Carolina Undergraduate Research and Creativity Symposium (SNCURCS)


Before they make it to college, young men and women must succeed in high school. Creating a pipeline of talented next-generation leaders requires the cooperation of educators and community members, because youth need inspiring, welcoming and supportive learning environments in order to succeed.

Talk to us about creating an annual essay contest for youth about identity and community and service learning stipends to help pay for books and other college needs in exchange for community hours, and opening talks with high schools and colleges to ensure that youth receive the full support of our educational institutions.  

See our Research and Engagement pages to understand more fully the contributions by youth to community improvement through Service Learning and Research, as well as their authors' credits in Publications and presentations.