Montagnard dega association inc.

The Montagnard Dega Association Inc. (MDA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit Community-Based Organization formed in 1988. We exist to unite and strengthen the fraternal ties of all persons of Montagnard heritage, to create a positive environment for all to meet, to build safe, healthy communities, to inspire education and to preserve our cultural heritage. North Carolina is home to many Montagnards outside of Southeast Asia and comprises a major portion of the local AAPI population. MDA works in cooperation with mutual assistance organizations, community groups, faith organizations, local, state, and refugee resettlement agencies. MDA is a refugee service provider recognized by NCDHHS. We have expanded to include a youth branch, Montagnard American Organization (MAO), research network, and community advisory council. We work closely with Bhutanese, Cambodian, Karenni, Liberian, and Swahili-speaking communities on education, health and COVID response. 

Who are the Montagnard people?  We are the indigenous peoples of the Central Highlands of Vietnam. The term Montagnard is French for “mountain people” or "highlanders", and is often used to refer to us, the indigenous people of the region. There are over 30 different Montagnard tribes.  We were some of the frontline fighters during the Vietnam War, alongside with U.S. Special Forces. Today, North Carolina holds the largest population of Montagnards outside of Southeast Asia.

MDA was established in 1987 to serve Montagnard refugees when they first to North Carolina. In the past two decades, MDA expanded its mission, added more programs, and serve all refugees and immigrants community members based on what programs and funding are available during that fiscal year. Click here for OUR SERVICES referral application.