Team: Renfrew, B., Adong, H Y., Nie, J., Rahlan, H N., et al 

Description: Now under MDA/MAO supervision, with classes offered to youth to preserve heritage and traditions. Previous milestones include


Art show, Green Hill Annual Winter Show, Greensboro NC (2009). First representation of hand-woven textiles by Montagnard artists 

Grant and Residency, Betsy Renfrew, for October, 2009 and May, 2010. Documentarian grants awarded 2009, 2010-2011 to documented Montagnard weavers in Greensboro, NC. Community Folklife Documentation Institute (North Carolina Arts Council), and Center for Documentary Studies, Duke University, Durham, NC. 

Grant, Multicultural Arts Investment Program, United Arts Council of Greater Greensboro (2010-2011) Betsy Renfrew, United Montagnard Christian Church. For implementing and documenting a weaving project for traditional Montagnard weavers in Greensboro, NC 

Awards, NC Governor’s Heritage Awards, Raleigh NC (2016). The state’s highest recognition award for traditional arts awarded to backstrap weavers Ju Nie and H Ngach Rahlan

Video documentation of backstrap weaving techniques available on Youtube

News,  Firesheets, T. Winter’s Work, Yards of fiber art spill from the loom of a weaver who keeps a fading Montagnard tradition alive, Greensboro News and Record. Featuring Ju Nie. Nov. 10, 2009

News, Montagnard Dega Weavers, NC Now, UNC-TV, 2016. Featuring Ngach Rahlan and Ju Nie

News, 2016 NC Heritage Awards, UNC-TV, 2016. Broadcast of the ceremony with network member Betsy Renfrew and featuring awardees Ngach Rahlan and Ju Nie




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