Our board

Board Members, Board Advisory Members, Community Advisory Council, and Traditional Arts Programs


Our board members are responsibilities for hiring the Executive Director and Program Supervisors to run the day-to-day management activities of the organization, and then to provide supervision and evaluation of the Executive Director. Beyond fulfilling legal duties, our board members are a valuable asset of resources for MDA/MAO in multiple ways, our board members is responsible to serving as community liaison to the Montagnard community across NC, staff supporters, carry out organization's missions, visions, and play significant roles providing guidance to MDA/MAO by contributing to the organization’s culture, strategic focus, effectiveness, and financial sustainability, as well as serving as ambassadors and advocators to our community and community partners. 

Mr. Hmok, Board Chair. Retired 

Lila Nie Miles, Co-Chair

BSN, RN, Travel Nurse

H'Lat Mlo, Treasurer

B.A. Eligibility Caseworker-Processor FNS 

Brao Bolton, Secretary

B.S in Business, Administration- Accounting  

Caitlyn Polito, B. Education  


B.S., MAT with ESL-Concentration 


Our Advisory Board Members are some of the original founders of the MDA from 1986. Their purpose is to offer any advice, share history/culture, and guidance to the board of directors to help them make decisions that are in keeping with MDA's mission and visions and that are in the organization's best interest. The advisory board members also serve as community liaison. 

Y'Siu Hlong, PhD

Director Emeritus

Advisory Board  

Daniel Touprong Ho-le

Owner, Ho-Le Accounting

Advisory Board 

Raleigh Bailey, PhD

Director Emeritus, Center for New North Carolinians

Advisory Board 

Dock Rmah, Retired

1996 NC Hertiage Award recipient

Advisory Board 


The CAC exists to ensure that our community evolves and sustains long-lasting transformation towards a better and stronger community. We assert our heritage and culture so we can exist with all in equality. We promote, protect and enhance the health and well-being of all Montagnards through community engagement and partnerships with professional organizations and higher education institutions. For research inquiries, please email montagnardcac@gmail.com

Melina Ksor, MPH

Voting Member 

Zina Y, BA

Voting Member

Sara Colm,

Non- voting Member 

RinSuin Ksor, BA

Voting Member  

Elizabeth Thinh, BA

Voting Member

H'Yiu Ksor, RN

Voting Member

Gelly Long, BA

Voting Member 

Vung Ksor, BA

Voting Member

Sharon Morrison, PhD


Member, Academic Liaison 

Andrew Young, MFA


Member, Technical Adviser 


Cultural preservation is very important to our community. If we do not carry out our traditions, it will disappear before we know it. MDA develops programs and resources to promote community building, higher education and cultural preservation that is inclusive of the different tribes and ethnicities, church affiliations, political affiliations, and age groups. This is a group of community volunteers who are very passionate in culture preservation and willing to provide their time to help the next generation through dance, music, languages, etc. 

Sel Mpang

Traditional Arts Program Dance Instructor 

H'Debra Siu 

Traditional Arts Program Dance Assistant Instructor 

Karpuih Moyun

Traditional Arts Program Coordinator 

Mr. Yit Ksor 

Traditional Arts Program Music Instructor 

Mr. B. Ayun & Y'Levi Mlo Weaving Craftsman 

Mrs. H. Nie

Traditional Weaving Instructor