MDA Board

Y’Thong Hmok, Chairman

Y’Suai Mlo, Vice Chairman

TBA, Co-Vice Chairwoman

H'Lila Nie Miles, Secretary/Treasurer

Y’Suing Nie, Secretary / Treasurer

H’Lat Mlo, Co-Secretary / Treasurer


MDA Staff

Y’ Siu Hlong, Executive Director

Liana Adrong, Administration Coordinator & Vocational instructor

Stephanie Cheston, Senior Employment Specialist

Ha Layla Tong, Community Liaison

Andrew Young, Program Coordinator & Grant Writer

Saif Al-Amin, Program Reporter & Researcher

Joana Mendez, UNCG Social Work Intern 2020-2021

Kiana Hutcherson, NCA&T Social Work Intern 2020-2021


Montagnard American Organization (MAO)

TBA, Education

Karpuih Moyum, Cultural Preservation


Community Advisory Council (CAC)

Voting Members

Lek Siu, Co-Chair

Siera Nie, Co-Chair

Elisabeth Thinh, Vice Chair

Hyiu Ksor, Co-Secretary

Gelly Long, Co-Secretary

Non-voting Members

Sharon Morrison, Associate Member / Academic Liaison

Andrew Young, Associate Member / Technical Adviser


Montagnard / Southeast Asian Community Disparities Research Network

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Legal description

The Montagnard Dega Association (MDA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed in 1987 by the first Montagnard elders to arrive in North Carolina.


Our address

611 Summit Avenue, Suite 10

Greensboro, NC 27405

Telephone: 336-373-1812

Email: montagnardda@gmail.com





MDA Mission and History MDA originally was organized in 1987 to “Unite and strengthen fraternal ties of all persons of Montagnard heritage and create an environment conducive for them to have opportunities to meet, understand and mutually help each other.” Since then the Board voted to expand the mission and scope of the organization to include assistance to other refugee populations while encouraging community empowerment and family self-sufficiency. Montagnard American Organization (MAO) is the youth branch of MDA that represents next-generation leadership.

Who are the Montagnard people? We are the indigenous peoples of the Central Highlands of Vietnam. The term Montagnard is French for “mountain people” or perhaps more accurately, "highlanders", and is often used to refer to us, the indigenous people of the region. There are over 30 different Montagnard tribes. Montagnards were some of the frontline fighters during the Vietnam War, alongside with the Americans. Today, North Carolina holds the largest population of Montagnards outside of Southeast Asia (more on Culture and History).