Iyanna Alston, UNCG/NCA&T 

Social Work Intern 2023-2024

Nicolette Daniluk, UNCG/NCA&T 

Social Work Intern 2022-2023

Tanajuh Rouse, UNCG/NCA&T 

Social Work Intern 2022-2023

Irina Sidlouski, UNCG/NCA&T 

Social Work Intern 2022-2023

Kiana Hutcherson, UNCG/NCA&T 

Social Work intern for 2020-2021 

Benjamin White, UNCG/NCA&T 

Social Work Intern 2021-2022

Tou Vang, UNCG/NCA&T 

Social Work Intern 2021-2022

Mikayla Sanders, UNCG/NCA&T 

Social Work Intern 2021-2022

Ha Tong, NC Toccoa Falls College

Intern 2018-2019

Jasmine Harcum, UNCG/NCA&T 

Social Work Intern 2018-2019

Shantell Williams, UNCG/NCA&T 

Social Work Intern 2019-2020

Joana Mendez Lopez, UNCG/NCA&T 

Social Work intern for 2020-2021 

Xuem Siu, UNCG

Intern 2017-2018

Elizabeth (Libby) Whitcomb,

UNCG/NCA&T  UNCG  Social Intern 2017-2018

Job Title: Montagnard Community Intern, Social Work Intern (s), The MDA/MAO Legacy Scholars   

Reports to: Program Supervisor/Executive Director- Nghieng Nay or Liana

Annual Salary Range: School credits (This is a part-time position for an accreditation toward completing your BSW; no benefits). 

All offers of interns are subjected to a background check and/or drug test.

Qualifications: Enrolled in accredited institutions

(Interns)- Enrolled in a School Social Work program leading to Bachelor of Social Work/ Master of Social Work Degree from an accredited institution.

(The Legacy Scholar)- Enrolled in any High School or any College; must be at lease half or quarter Montagnard identity. 

Requirements: Responsible students, self starter, transportation, open minded to other cultures, teamwork, ask questions, team works, etc.     

Internship hours: All interns/volunteers are required to be on site unless stated by your supervisor. Hours are flexible, but it is the student’s responsibility to keep track of his/her own hours the school requires. Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. (Please speak to your site supervisor(s) for a preferred day and time for your Learning Services/Internship. Some weekend hours may be required depending on community events.

Summary: (A brief description that summarizes the overall purpose and objectives of the position, the results the worker is expected to accomplish and the degree of freedom to act):

Essential Functions: (List the tasks, duties and responsibilities of the position that are most important to get the job done). To learn the basics of school social work while providing social work services to the community (students, parents, churches, and community members). Duties & Responsibilities include but are not limited to.

Internship Application: click here