Community advisory council


WHAT WE DO We are Montagnard community members working under MDA/MAO who set standards for scholars, journalists, researchers and others on behalf of MDA/MAO and the Montagnard community. We explain the manner in which academic-based service learning, professional scholarly work and research projects will be conducted. CAC offers orientation and training for students involved in service learning, community or civic engagement, student researchers, academics and professional researchers. Based on scope and purpose, there may be a fee charged.

The CAC Vision Statement CAC exists to ensure that our community evolves and sustains long-lasting transformation towards a better and stronger community. We assert our heritage and culture so we can exist with all in equality. We promote, protect and enhance the health and well-being of all Montagnards through community engagement and partnerships with professional organizations and higher education institutions.

Some of our activities involve

  • Educating and promoting awareness among professional organizations and higher education institutions about problems in our community

  • Collaborating to address disparities experienced by the Montagnard community

  • Ensuring adequate and equitable representation and protection of our community in all formal partnerships

Voting members

Gelly Long, Elisabeth Thinh, Hyiu Ksor, (TBA), (TBA)

Non-voting members

Sharon Morrison, Andrew Young

CAC Services

  • Proposal guidelines

Orientation and Training

Appropriate giveback

Proposal evaluation guidelines

Proposal review times

  • Research and Service Learning guidelines

  • MOU sample (link)

  • Join the CAC

Orientation and Training is a required set of modules for those who wish to work within the Montagnard community. The modules cover general introduction, community history and cultural background with an emphasis on cultural competency, social equity and anti-racism.

Community-Based Scholarship and Research from the Community Perspective



Project proposals and review

Project updates