Vice Chair, CAC

Term: 2019-2021


I am a first generation Montagnard-American. My family came to the U.S. in 1990 from a refugee camp in the Philippines. Growing up with Montagnard values in an American society where cultural differences were white and black was difficult. Thankfully my dad was around to push me towards a better future by seeking education. I was born in Redmond, Washington where my family stayed from 1990-94. We then moved to Raleigh, NC because of the impeccable educational institutions in the surrounding area. Raleigh has been home ever since with the exception of a few years in Chapel Hill and in Durham.

I was fortunate enough to go to UNC Chapel Hill and graduate with a degree in Biology. I now work at an environmental lab based out of Cary. In the past decade the Montagnard community has expanded in the Raleigh area, and I realized first hand that these adolescents may not have someone to steer them towards education and empowerment. Seeing that in my community has really sparked a passion in me to help educate them, offer resources in ways they can understand and does not leave them skeptical, and general help with settling in.

When I’m not in a professional setting, I like being outdoors with my loved ones at the lake, beach, or mountains, all of which are thankfully and conveniently nearby. In addition to being an avid moviegoer, other indoor pastimes include listening to podcasts about a cornucopia of things including TED talks, comedy, psychology, and food.