Associate Member / Technical Adviser and Grant Writer (Non-voting member), CAC

Founding Member, Montagnard / Southeast Asian Community Disparities Research Network (formerly, Montagnard Health Disparities Research Network)

Term: 2019-2021

I have a rich and varied career in education, design, technology, art and community. Because of my experience across many fields, I act as a trusted adviser, mediator, organizer and negotiator between underserved communities and entities like higher education, nonprofits and local government. I help each navigate the other’s world and implement joint projects and programs that can involve health, youth development, cultural training, community organization, community-based research, and formal partnerships. I work with Asian and minority youth, especially refugee, immigrant and newcomer communities, with an emphasis on anti-racism, social justice and community empowerment. I have worked with the Montagnard community for many years.

I was raised on Long Island, New York and graduated from Rhode Island School of Design and Yale University. I was not raised in a typical Chinese-American family since my relatives included Protestant, Catholic, Jews and other faiths, from places across the world. 


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Video Presentations

Sustainability For Everyone: Rethinking Piedmont Ideas About Green, Living, and Local (2012). Ha H, Lek Siu, Jeo Y, Gelly Long, Andrew Young, with music by Rmah Dock and Y Suk Buonkrong. Sustainability redefined to include the Montagnard community and other refugee-immigrant groups who remind mainstream Americans how far off the mark they are when in comes to community building, economic development and environmental preservation.

Montagnard Women’s Lay Community Health Team at AHEC (2011). Voices of community health workers who explain the desperate conditions faced by their neighbors following the Great Recession.

Spring Roll Recipe: Interview with Kwol (2011). Documentation of preparation of traditional food in which a refugee community health worker explains a traumatic episode from childhood.

Montagnard Reporters at Mosaic Festival (2011). Refugee youth were given Flip cameras and interviewed native born English speakers, some of them refugee service providers and academics involved in refugee resettlement, Where did they learn English? and How do you like America?

Rice Harvest by Montagnard Community Members (2011). A short documentary of the harvest of a small patch of land by local Montagnard refugees at North Carolina Agriculture and Technology University Demonstration and Research Farm.