Montagnard dega association inc.

Montagnard Dega Association, Inc. (MDA) mission is to Unite and Strengthen the Montagnard Community.... (more)

Our Services are based on available funding and include a very wide range of assistance to refugee and immigrant families. We can help train your staff through presentations on cultural practices, cultural competency and other continuing education opportunities as well provide your office with interpretation services... (more programs)

Get involved with us. Your time, energy and expertise are valued. We believe in genuine relationships built on mutual trust and respect.

Our Research Network and Community Advisory Council are among MDA's unique strengths, bringing in outside experts guided by community members to advise and direct scholarly efforts vital to our community.

The Latest

  • Lighting The Way: Montagnard Dega Association Present The Legacy Award. MDA/MAO Annual Fundraising Gala. Sponsorship opportunity or to purchase a ticket for the event.

  • Lighting The Way: Montagnard American Organization provides a youth program focus on Education, Culture Preservation, Support, Youth, Unity, Guide, Motivation. You don't have to be a student, all are welcome. Consider making a contribution to our youth program.

  • The Montagnard Legacy Scholarship: To honor our veterans elders, two to four students from our community will received a scholarship for work study each year. This is an initiative for our students to learn about our own community, assist the elders in our community, and fight for social justice. Consider making a contribution to our scholarship program.

  • COVID: For SERVICES or REFERRAL, please call the office at 336-373-1812 or complete this form. For COVID vaccine help, please call the office at 336-373-1812 or complete this form. All our videos related to the pandemic are here.

  • MDA Office: We ask visitors to mask if they are not fully vaccinated.

  • Honoring YSiu Hlong “The Dr. YSiu Hlong Emergency Fund” kicked off with festive ceremonies on Sunday, August 15, 2021 at Barber Park. See the News-Record story.

  • Interpretation contracting available For your organization or business we offer high quality and competitive pricing for Bunong, Rhade, Jarai, and Vietnamese. Contact us.

  • Résumés for everyone And cover letters, biographical statements and other handy job prep documents, too. We help prepare for free...

  • Addressing Covid Needs of Underserved Asian American Refugee Communities With its partners, Cambodian Cultural Center of NC and the Bhutanese community, MDA/MAO received a generous Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust grant to mitigate the effects of Covid in our communities... (more)

  • The Past is Present: New Montagnard Artists We finished this 6-month project in June with a great live presentation. We were one of the top grant recipients from the City of Greensboro's Creative Greensboro office of arts and culture... (more).

  • 2021 Symposium Scholarly discussions by our network researchers... (more)

  • Traditional Arts Program (TAPs) Dance/Music: Cultural preservation is very important to the Montagnard community whether it is through dance, music, languages, and/or food. Click here to register.

  • Internship/Learning Service Hours Available