Medical English Class (2012)

Team: Nie, Y W., Ksor, H N., Siu, H W., Young, A.

Title: Medical English Class (2012)

Brief: Weekly meetings for Montagnard doctors studying to become medical interpreters. Discussion of community health problems, folk medicine, cultural approaches to medicine and health, traditions of Vietnamese and Chinese medicine. January to present.


  • Leads to Hypertension Terminology Project and Montagnard Hypertension Research Project
  • H Wier Siu receives medical translation training, CHW training and CNA training



Women’s Learning Group (2011-16)

Organization Building (2012– present)

Health and Science Club (2012-13)

Bridging the Gap (2012)

Hypertension Terminology (2012)

Montagnard Hypertension (2012 – present)



  • Hypertension Terminology Project
  • Montagnard Hypertension Research Project
  • Xin, H., Young, A., Morrison, S., Dharod, J., & Nsonwu, M. (Apr 2012). “Yes, We are Ready. That’s My Dream!” Bridging the Gap Between Montagnard Refugee community & American Medical Society. Society for Applied Anthropology, Baltimore, MD