Hypertension Terminology (2012)

Team: Morrison, S., Shreeniwas, S., Young, A., Nie, Y B., Siu, H W., Siu, Y Y., et al

Title: Hypertension Terminology Project (2012)

Brief: Technical discussions with Montagnard former doctors to resolve translation and interpretation differences as a preliminary step towards design of community-based hypertension project.

Community investment and desired outcomes:

  • Grant, Cone Health Foundation, Greensboro, NC




Related projects

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  • Xin, H., Young, A., Morrison, S., Dharod, J., & Nsonwu, M. (Apr 2012). “Yes, We are Ready. That’s My Dream!” Bridging the Gap Between Montagnard Refugee community & American Medical Society. Society for Applied Anthropology, Baltimore, MD