Team: Ksa, K., Khin H, Siu, H Wier, Siu, L., Ksor, V., Young, A., Renfrew, B., James, M. et al

Title: Women’s Learning Group, Rosewood Neighborhood (2009-2016)

Brief: Created by community health workers based on their intervention experience learned working on the Food Insecurity project. Looks to correct social, language and cultural isolation and the lack of good information, inability to maintain good food gardens because of poor soil and expensive water bills and the inability of mothers and grandmothers to attend language and culturally-appropriate classes that could prepare them to interact with their neighbors, find jobs or become involved with their ethnically diverse neighborhood. Moms and community members arrange for an ESOL meeting space in their homes.

Community investment and desired outcomes:

  • NCAT Demonstration and Research Farm harvesting and distribution 1000+ pounds of vegetables (2011-2013)

  • Rosewood food and garden tours and food sales totaling $500 (2012)

  • Rosewood Farmers Curb Market sales of veggies, woven textiles and traditional garden tools (2012-2013)

  • Award, Greensboro Beautiful annual garden award

  • Grant, Building Stronger Neighborhoods, Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro (2012)

  • Grant, Building Stronger Neighborhoods, Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro (2013)





  • Young, A., Khin H, Ksor, K Montagnard Women’s Learning Group grant report (Oct 2012). A slideshow presentation to funders explaining the impact on community. Moses Cone Foundation. Greensboro, NC

  • Mlo, H L. et al (Feb 2018) Racialization, Trauma and the Resilience of Marginalized Communities. Panel discussion, 39th Minority Health Conference, UNC Chapel Hill