FOOD inSECURITY (2011-2013)


Team: Dharod, J., Xin, H., Morrison, S., Young, A. & Nsonwu, M, Ksa, K., Khin H, Siu, H W, Siu, L., Ksor, V., Tong, H.


Brief: Socio-cultural and environmental factors that affect food insecurity among Montagnard families and households, what families are spending for food and nutrition.


    • Creation of the Women’s Learning Group by community health workers

    • Prepared high school youth for college research

    • Peer-reviewed publication, Dharod, J., Xin, H., Morrison, S., Young, A. & Nsonwu, M. (2013). Life Style, Food and Health Related Challenges Refugee Groups Face Upon Resettlement: Do We Have To Move Beyond Job and Language Training Programs? Journal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition, 8: 187-199.





  • Young, A. DATS 2010: All Roads Lead to Food or, How refugees and immigrants remind us that is more than a commodity (2010) A video short for the panel discussion, "World Food in the Piedmont", that summarized our experiences to date working with the Montagnard community, presented as part of DATS 2010 conference, Food for Thought, Milton Rhodes Art Center, Winston-Salem NC.

  • Young, A. Rice Harvest by Montagnard Community Members (2011) A short documentary of the harvest of a small patch of land by local Montagnard refugees at North Carolina Agriculture and Technology University Demonstration and Research Farm. Greensboro NC.

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