OUR RESEARCH NETWORK The Montagnard / Asian Community Disparities Research Network is made up of community members, activists and organizers, academics and researchers from inside and outside the Montagnard community. Together we stand for advocacy, research and best practices. We work within the community and through MDA/MAO. We recognize that this minoritized, historically underserved community has suffered as an indigenous people in its original homeland and here in the USA. We have a long list of accomplishments... (more)

We invite scholars, researchers, service learning and community engagement practitioners and others to join our Network and work together to find answers vital to the community's long term capacity building and empowerment... (more)

THE COMMUNITY ADVISORY COUNCIL is an official body of MDA/MAO that sets standards for scholars, journalists, researchers and others on behalf of MDA/MAO and the Montagnard community, reviews research and project proposals, sets terms for fair and equitable agreements and works with the Research Network to determine the direction of projects and research ... (more )




Internship, Service Learning, Research, Global/Diversity Learning, Civic Engagement and Volunteership are six ways students and youth can be involved.

We seek to match individual talents and interests from outside and inside the Montagnard community to academically recognized methods and programs rather than generic volunteer efforts in order to provide learners with key professional and community skills.