Orientation and Training provide scholars, researchers, academics, service learning and community engagement students, volunteers and others with a comprehensive introduction to the community.


Learn about the community Orientation is open to all. It consists of foundational facts, knowledge and background information about the Montagnard community, its relation to other communities and dominant societies and cultures.



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Debrief and Discussion

Certificate in Orientation will be issued upon successful completion.

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(2) Training

Develop skills Please complete Training first. The purpose of Training is to prepare participants to engage with the community and its members. During Training participants develop experience through the acquisition and practice of skills.



Exercise 1 Language

Exercise 2 Material culture

Exercise 3

Debrief and Discussion

Certificate in Training will be issued upon successful completion.



Description Leadership is intended for youth and community members interested in the practice of democracy and the development of social justice and civil society skills for the purpose of community organizing and capacity building. These can include effecting policy and political change, coordinating and collaborating with other organizations and communities, fundraising and event planning, grant writing, team building and project design and management.

Certificate in Leadership will be issued upon successful completion.